August 2017

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In this edition, team red conducts an interview with Michal Šimoník from Autonapůl, the first Czech carsharing operator.

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Operators News

Renault to launch its carsharing in Madrid, Emov expanding to Malaga (Spain)
Madrid will soon have a new carsharing operator. Renault and Ferrovial established a new carsharing company that is going to launch its carsharing service in about a month. The electric fleet of Renault ZOEs will compete with the success of car2go and Emov, which is planning to expand also to another Spanish city, Malaga.
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GM Maven to expand its electric fleet and Gig service (USA)
Maven has ordered 250 more Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles, adding to the 150 currently deployed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Detroit and 13 other U.S. cities. The EVs are being funneled to Maven’s new Gig venture, a service aimed at entrepreneurs who need a vehicle to make deliveries or to drive for ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber. After San Diego and San Francisco, Maven Gig launched this month also in Los Angeles. The service will expand this fall to Boston, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. Baltimore and Detroit will eventually be added.

Toyota implements Ha:mo carsharing in Bangkok (Thailand)
Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., its vehicle manufacturing and distribution subsidiary in Thailand, is partnering with Chulalongkorn University to implement Ha:mo, an ultra-compact electric vehicle sharing system, within the university's campus in Bangkok. The service is set to start from December 2017.

Turin and Venice looking for new carsharing operators (Italy)
The City of Turin has published a new tender for a free-floating carsharing service. The service has to start the 1st of November and it has to be available also in 18 other municipalities around Turin. The scheme should have at least 300 vehicles and subsidies are given for electric and hybrid vehicles. Interested operators can apply until the 29th of September. Meanwhile, also Venice is looking for private operators, in this case to take over and to implement the existing carsharing service, now directly managed by the local holding company for mobility.
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Carrot to start with a peer-to-peer service (Mexico)
Carrot, the carsharing company operating in Mexico City, has announced the launch of its peer-to-peer service CarrotShare. The beta version of the platform, which allows members to rent their private vehicles, should be already available this month and Carrot assures that its fee is going to be lower than the 30% that Uber drivers have to pay.

car2go and Multicity with more expensive rates (Germany)
car2go has increased its prices in Germany, but the service remains cheaper compared to DriveNow. Many see the new tariffs as an anticipation of a possible cooperation between car2go and DriveNow, although the two operators has been denying these rumors so far. More expensive tariffs are reported to be applied soon also by Multicity in Berlin, which is also extending its operating area.
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Turbo charging stations for DriveNow at Munich airport (Germany)
Thanks to the cooperation between the carsharing operator and the Munich airport DriveNow vehicles can be now recharged from 0 till 80% in just about 30 minutes. 8 of the total 24 charging points are reserved just for DriveNow, which is currently also the only carsharing operator using the charging stations at the Munich airport.

NYC to roll out a carsharing pilot program (USA)
In line with recent City Council legislation, the NYC Department of Transportation is launching a two-year citywide pilot to designate about 300 parking spaces in municipal parking facilities and 300 parking spaces on-street in select neighborhoods exclusively for the use of carshare companies. The city hopes that the pilot will help reduce car ownership across the city, alleviate congestion, and result in less air pollution.

car2go reaching member milestones and expanding the fleet (Germany, USA)
car2go has announced that it has reached the 200,000 members milestone in Berlin. The German capital is, with a fleet of 1,100 vehicles, the first car2go city in Europe. The operator is about to reach also the 100,000 members milestone in Seattle, its biggest U.S. market. car2go’s most popular city for all of North America is still Vancouver, B.C. with more than 135,000 members. Meanwhile, the first of over 100 new Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA vehicles have made their debut on the streets of Montreal.
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Kia Motors advances into carsharing business (South Korea)
South Korea’s second-largest automaker Kia Motors Corp. said that it will launch a carsharing service this month under the new mobility service brand WiBLE. The automaker’s move comes as part of efforts to ride on the bourgeoning carsharing business and demand in Korea.

Toyota to unveil carsharing app in Hawaii (USA)
Toyota and Servco Pacific have partnered to test new carsharing technology in Honolulu, Hawaii. When the employee-only pilot testing programme concludes, Servco, the distributor of Toyota vehicles in Hawaii, will use the carsharing technology to launch a new Honolulu-based carsharing business by the end of 2017.

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3 questions for...

Michal Šimoník
Autonapůl – First Czech carsharing

Autonapůl was launched in 2003 as first Czech carsharing scheme. What have been the main challenges so far, from starting as a small initiative among friends till becoming a nationwide operator?

(Source: Autonapůl)

We have started in 2003 like small group of families, most of them living near Brno, which is the second largest Czech city. Then, Autonapůl grew very slowly, mainly with friends of “friends of friends” of users and in 2012 we had about 60 users. We had a very simple online booking system, but we had to pick up the cars with switching the keys personally. Therefore, the main challenge was to persuade part of the team to start a faster growth and to find a complex professional carsharing technology. We found it as a combination of Swiss hardware provider Convadis and Austrian software provider Zemtu. Especially cooperation with Zemtu has been working very smoothly till nowadays and we have many common future plans. This year, we have won together the second prize of the Austrian Constantinus Award in the International projects category.

You are now operating in many Czech cities. How are you perceived by the local authorities? Do they support you?

We are now operating in 9 Czech cities, mainly in Brno and the capital Prague, but in many others too. Our net is growing faster and faster in terms of number of cities, cars and users. For many cities we were too small to raise any support, but two years ago, we have established the Czech carsharing Association and invited other new operators. And now we have a running pilot project with Prague municipality – they provide parking support for shared cars in some residential parking zones. We are finishing negotiations about similar pilot project in Brno, too. Municipalities want to see that carsharing is really helping with bad parking and transport situation in the cities and could not support only one provider, but the whole sharing scheme, so the negotiations are somewhat longer. Therefore, we are presenting our achievements, ratios and usage to authorities and researching transport behaviour of our users too.

(Source: Autonapůl)

What is your most important management task in the next 12 months? Are you planning to extend your offer with additional, non-station based models?

We are not using the station based carsharing scheme – with our partner Zemtu, we call it „zone-based“. Every car has its own parking zone and inside the zone, it is located via GPS when it is free and ready for use. We have more cars in many zones, some smaller zones has 1 – 2 cars – design of the whole system depends on the parking policy in specific city.

(Source: Autonapůl)

We can see that this system is not so rigid as a classic station-based and does not need such a huge fleet like standard free-floating scheme. That’s why we want to improve the zone-based scheme for the future challenges. But in addition, we want to run the first electric cars in few months, so the station-based scheme will be necessary for it too.

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Conferences and Research

The sharing market is growing, offers are becoming more diverse and cover a wide range of needs: Station based, FreeFloating or Peer2Peer, corporate carsharing, with electric cars, open, closed and combined carsharing offers. The Shared Mobility Meetup "ShareTech 2017" visualizes the high performance of this young industry. While technology providers show their latest solutions, a challenging framework program discusses with experts current developments in the markets.

Why join? Learn how to set up a sharing business, meet the technology providers in person and choose the best option for you, meet new partners for your hard- or software solution, hear about latest developments. A full day filled with expertise and best contacts for your local success! Read more and register now!

Oct. 2017: European Transport Conference 2017
The European Transport Conference (ETC) provides a forum for the coming together of research, policy and practice in transport and it will be held in Barcelona (Spain) on October 4-6, 2017.

Oct. 2017: 30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS30)
The largest trade fair and conference event for electric mobility will be held in Stuttgart (Germany) on October 9-11, 2017.

Oct. 2017: IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society and it will be held in Yokohama (Japan) on October 16-19, 2017.

Oct. 2017: 5th World Collaborative Mobility Congress “wocomoco”
The international platform for innovative mobility solutions promoting the sharing of vehicles, rides and infrastructure will be held in Berlin (Germany) on October 18-20, 2017.

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