June 2016

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We hope you will enjoy the interview with Mr. Hannes Schreier, Project Manager for team red, about one of the most detailed studies of the impacts of both round trip and one way carsharing for the City of Munich.

Discover in which countries carsharing is expanding, what are the results of recently launched services and which new carsharing features have been implemented worldwide.

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Operators News

Zipcar expands one-way service in the USA and about to launch its first floating carsharing service in Belgium
Zipcar announced last month its intention to launch a new floating carsharing service in Brussels, expected to be available from 14 September 2016. Meanwhile, Zipcar members in Washington D.C. area can now enjoy new features, including the one-way option between cities.
Read more: Belgium (pdf)
Read more: USA

Renault with new e-carsharing project in Copenhagen (Denmark)
Renault has started a new international carsharing project in cooperation with the Danish company Green Mobility. The French car manufacturer will provide 450 electric vehicles (ZOE) this autumn and the service will be later available also in Norway and Sweden.

car2go membership explodes in Chongquing (China)
In less than two months, more than 78,000 customers have registered with car2go in China. More than 40,000 vehicle rentals within this period mean that one of the 400 car2go vehicles in Chongqing is rented every 1.7 minutes. Chongqing likely represents the most successful launch for car2go so far.

GM is expanding its Maven carsharing service (USA)
General Motors Co. is set to widen up their carsharing service to other states of US after they've started it this year. The app-based service has already started offering 30 vehicles at over 15 sites in Chicago and it will be launched in Washington D.C. and Boston this summer.

First results from Toyota’s electric carsharing project in Grenoble (France)
Toyota's innovative electric carsharing program in Grenoble has now been running for around 18 months. The project partners shared the first results in terms of user profiles and usage. The service has now more than 1,000 users, with a level of satisfaction of 92%.

Carsharing in China: a partnership with Arval France (China)
BA-SHI, Arval’s new partner in China, is set to use Arval France’s expertise in implementing a carsharing solution with the Chinese government and to adjust it to local requirements in the south district of Shanghai.

City of Krakow to establish a carsharing system (Poland)
Krakow will be the second Polish city, after Wroclaw, to launch a carsharing service. The City is now in a technical dialogue with interested companies. The fleet should consists of a minimum of 100 electric vehicles, available at 70 stations through the city.

Mobility to test one-way carsharing (Switzerland)
The Swiss carsharing company is about to test its "Mobility-One-Way" on selected routes. Members and customers can help to co-develop the new service during the pilot phase starting in July.

Edinburgh launches carsharing scheme (UK)
Edinburgh City Council has signed a deal with Enterprise Car Club to run a new citywide carsharing scheme. Enterprise will work in partnership with the Scottish city to introduce more efficient vehicle technology in order to increase the sustainability of the scheme.

Orix expands carsharing with railway option (Japan)
Orix Auto announced in April that it has formed a railway and carsharing partnership with Hanshin Electric Railway. During the promotion campaign over the summer users will be able to use Orix CarShare vehicles, travel by train, bus or carsharing service and even shop with a single card.

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Technology News

Rent Centric Launches Car Share Apple Watch Integration

Rent Centric, a provider of carsharing and car rental management software, now offers Apple Watch integration that allows customers to locate their vehicle, lock and unlock their vehicle, and monitor fuel levels — all from their wrists.

Rent Centric’s new Apple Watch integration.
Photo by Julian Frank

Alex Aryafar, Rent Centric’s chief technology officer, announced the release of Apple Watch integration at the 2016 International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas.

The Apple Watch integration can be incorporated onto existing Rent Centric self-service accounts, according to the company. The Apple Watch provides the company and user with increased vehicle monitoring and access capability.

Click here for more information on the new Rent Centric Carsharing Apple Watch Self-Service integration.

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3 questions for...

Mr. Hannes Schreier
Team Leader Market Research and Evaluation
team red Deutschland GmbH - mob.eValue

“Munich: one of the most detailed studies of carsharing impacts ever performed”

What is Evaluation Carsharing (EVA-CS) and what are the main results?

EVA-CS is the evaluation of carsharing schemes in the City of Munich, Germany. The evaluation was conducted from 2013 to 2015 on behalf of the City in order to determine if these new services are in public interest.

Findings of the study include that Carsharing-Schemes make more parking spaces available than it would require itself and that each carsharing vehicle reduced approximately three privately owned cars. Also free-floating schemes are able to address other customer segments with a higher affinity to car usage that traditional, station based carsharing schemes with a higher affinity to public transit. The study also showed that carsharing users use public transit more often, especially if a car is disposed due to carsharing usage.

What is special about the evaluation carsharing study in Munich?

In EVA-CS a unique rich set of data was gathered. This includes "back-end" trip data from the operators as well as data from customer surveys. Very special is the possibility of linking member survey data with usage profiles gained from the back-end trip data through a unique key in both data sets. This possibility enabled the researchers for example to combine carsharing mileage from back-end trip data with mileage of private owned cars reported in the survey and to adjust for biasing effects due to higher response rates by heavy users. Also, based on the available back-end trip data, additional analysis for example on the effects of carsharing on public transit can be conducted. First analysis show that free-floating carsharing is especially used when the alternative public transit trip quality is poor.

Can the study be adapted to other cities and services?

Absolutely. The tool set developed for Munich is now a standardized tool set and we call it mob.eValue. It can be used in other cities and currently is being used in the city of Osnabrück, Germany. Also the tool set can be applied to other shared services like bikesharing, carpooling and taxi and ridehailing services. Using mob.eValue in other cities would offer many benefits like lower cost due to the adoption of existing tools and the possibility of including benchmarks to other cities like Munich or Osnabrück.

More information:  Press release (pdf)
Copies of the report in German or English are available from team red.
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Conferences and Research

team red’s Global Carsharing Operators Report 2015 available
team red’s annual report on carsharing business, based on a comprehensive database of operators has been released. If you are interested in receiving a free copy, please contact us by email.

ESPRIT carsharing system: vehicle mockup revealed
ESPRIT cars have just been exposed to the public through a full scale mockup showing two vehicles able to switch from single vehicle to roadtrain configuration. The event has taken place during the European Mobility Exhibition (Salon Européen de la mobilité) in Paris.
The ESPRIT vehicle and carsharing system is currently being developed on the Horizon 2020 ESPRIT project by a consortium led by le Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA). team red is partner of the consortium and responsible for the development of the business case model during the three years' project period.
The European Mobility Exhibition
Video (Youtube)

Jun. 2016: 29th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS29)
The largest international electric vehicle conference returns to North America on June 19-22, 2016 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Jun. 2016: 8th International Congress Cities for Mobility
More than 600 members in 85 countries moving together for a better mobility! The 8th International Congress will be held in Stuttgart (Germany) on June 19-21, 2016.

Oct. 2016: 44th European Transport Conference
The 44th European Transport Conference will be held on October 5-7, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

Sep. 2016: 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress
The international platform for innovative mobility solutions promoting the sharing of vehicles, rides and infrastructure is set: wocomoco 2016 will be held in Warsaw (Poland) on September 7-8, 2016.

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